Terms & Conditions of Use

When a fishery is busy and fished daily, it is vital to put in place a set of rules that allow the fishery to operate in a sustainable manner. We believe that the exceptional water quality, thriving ecosystems, sensible stocking density, careful management and rules that have been put in place, will allow the fish to continue to show exceptional growth rates and the fishery to mature into one of the best big carp waters in the North West.

The rules will constantly be reviewed and revised to achieve this aim. We all want to catch big, healthy carp in a healthy environment, so we hope you are in agreement with the rules we have put in place. If you have any questions or queries, please contact Rob (Fishery Manager) on 07740082025 or email info@broomscrossfishery.co.uk

Fishwell Leisure Ltd accepts no responsibility for any injury, illness or damage to persons or property in connection with the facilities provided at Brooms Cross Fishery.

All anglers must report to the main office in the car park when they arrive.

Strictly no visitors or spectators, except by prior arrangement with the fishery manager.

The main gate will be locked at 8pm promptly.

Any takeaway food deliveries etc must be completed before the main gate is locked at 8pm. All deliveries must report to the office in the car park. No meeting at the main gate. Abuse of this rule will result in an instant ban from the fishery.

Pegs must be kept clean and tidy at all times. All rubbish must be taken from the fishery by the angler – there are no bin facilities at the fishery.

If you have an accident while on site, please report it to one of our staff before leaving the site.

“All Waters” registration entitles the applicant to book carp sessions on Upper Alt Lake / Lower Alt Lake, and purchase extended hours day/night coarse tickets on Owl Tree Pond.

“Owl Tree Pond” registration entitles the applicant to purchase extended hours day/night coarse tickets on Owl Tree Pond only. It does not entitle to applicant to book sessions on Upper Alt Lake / Lower Alt Lake.

Bookings are a minimum of 24 hours on Upper and Lower Alt Lakes except during winter months when 12-hour day sessions will also be available.

Registered anglers must be in possession of their registration card when fishing. This is how we can identify everyone and keep the fishery, fish and anglers secure. Anyone who loses his or her registration card will be charged £5 for a replacement.
Every angler must be in possession of a valid Environment Agency Rod Licence and have booked/paid the appropriate fee before fishing.

All Environment Agency rules apply.

NO LITTER – Help us keep the lakes clean and safe by taking all your litter and line home. You are responsible for any litter on or around your peg.

No dogs allowed. Exception – guide dog accompanying relevant angler by prior arrangement.

Wildlife must not be disturbed or damaged in any way. If any wildlife becomes injured, hooked or entangled through your actions or not, please report this to a member of staff immediately.

Anglers shall not add to, remove or alter in any way, the banks, trees, and land surrounding the fishery.

Between-peg vegetation and bankside trees should not be trimmed or damaged.

Fishing is only permitted from designated pegs & each angler can only occupy one swim at any one time (unless on a double peg).

Anglers under 18 years must be accompanied by and fish next to a responsible adult.

Vehicles must be left in the designated car parks only and are parked at the owner’s risk.

Anglers must close all gates having passed through.

All noise must be kept to a minimum and not disturb any other anglers. Mobile phones, iPads etc must be used at low volume only or with headphones.

All fish must be returned to the lakes as soon as possible. Any mortality must be immediately reported to the bailiff and the fish left in the water.

Anglers must not engage in any activity or angling practice that endangers the fish stocks, wildlife or water bodies of Brooms Cross Fishery.

You are required to be civil to other anglers and the fisheries staff at all times.

All Upper Alt & Lower Alt sessions commence from 6pm daily. Please have your peg vacated by 6pm on the day you are leaving, to allow the next angler to set up.

Fishing from marked pegs only and only fish within the boundaries of your swim as marked on the map, please ask if you are unsure.

No alcohol or drugs.

The on site toilets must be used at all times, no defecating anywhere else around the lake or pegs.

Always close the security gate that you go through. This is there for your own safety as well as the fish. Do not leave it open for anyone.

No visiting the lakes or other anglers at any time unless you are fishing – strictly no spectators.
No passing fast food or any objects over the main gate or fences. All deliveries / drop-offs must be collected via the fishery bailiff. Anyone who does not comply will be banned immediately.

Fishwell Leisure Ltd reserves the right to change the rules and conditions at any point if deemed necessary.

Specimen Carp Fishing


Maximum of 2 rods can be used.

No fixed rigs, safety rigs only, these must lose the lead or the hook-link if snagged etc. If you are unsure then ask a member of staff BEFORE casting into the lakes.

Micro barbed hooks only.

No bent hooks.

No 360 rigs.

No braided mainline.

No surface fishing – as the fishery is 1 mile from the coast, it can be visited by an array of wild birds with vast home ranges. These present a potential threat, as they are known transmitters of pathogens and parasites. If there are a lot of floating baits present, the amount of birds visiting the site will increase – the exact opposite of what we are trying to achieve.

No float fishing.

Minimum mainline of 0.35mm or 15lb. if you are unsure if your line is suitable ask a member of staff BEFORE casting into the lakes.

Bait boats are allowed, but if they can’t be used sensibly their use will be banned.

Fish Welfare

All fish must be returned to the lakes as soon as possible. Any mortality must be immediately reported to the bailiff and the fish left in the water.

All snagged fish must be reported immediately to a member of staff. Phone 07740082025 and one of the 24hr bailiffs will come to assist you.

No rowing boats allowed without the permission of a bailiff, they are only to be used for any snagged fish.

Only the landing nets, cradles and slings provided by Brooms Cross Fishery are permitted.

Please leave the carp in the net in the water for 5 minutes after capture, before unhooking, weighing and photographing, to allow yourself and the carp to recover from the battle.

Please make sure any retained fish is in deeper water and not near weed.

No sacks.

All fish to be kept wet, using the buckets provided, whilst being weighed and photographed.

Orabase /Carp Care / Clinic / Bonjela treatments must be applied to hook holes and any body damage on carp.

Double pegs have been positioned so that 2 anglers can fish adjoining swims together. You can be on the next peg of a double peg only. No unattended rods on any single peg.


No maggots between 1st March and 31st October – there is little nutritional value available to carp from eating maggots. During the growing season we would like to encourage the use of baits that aid growth and offer a nutritionally beneficial diet.

No nuts of any description.

Shop bought or Brooms Cross particle only.

All baits and ground bait must be used in moderation only.

Meat products are not allowed.

Coarse Fishing

All fish must be returned to the water alive. Any mortality must be reported to the bailiff and the fish left in the water.

Maximum of 1 rod can be used.

Rod must not be left unattended at any time.

No nuts.

No ground bait.

No floating baits.

No bloodworm or jokers.

Meat products are not allowed – excess rotting meat has a direct negative effect on water quality.

Live fish may not be used as bait.

The only pellets and particles that may be used are those purchased on site to ensure optimum growth and vitality of the young fish.

Please take home or place in the bins any unused bait and ground bait. Do not dispose of it by throwing into the lakes.

The maximum match duration is 5 hours.

Maximum of 1 match rod can be used.

Only the landing nets and keep nets provided by Brooms Cross Fishery may be used.

Only Fishery scales to be used for matches.

Barbless hooks only.

Fishing is only permitted from designated pegs.

No double or treble hooking.

No bolt rigs.

No braided line.