There is a one-off registration fee of £30. You can complete the registration form online now or download and print the registration form and return it to the fishery by post or in person. You will then be contacted and invited to come to the fishery to complete the registration process. ID Cards will be produced for registered anglers.

When you have completed the registration process you will be able to book and pay for your carp sessions. Bookings can be made by phone during office hours (10am-8pm) daily, or in person at the fishery. Each 24hr session will start and end at 6pm daily during summer months. Winter start and finish times are flexible.

Brooms Cross staff are always available to offer any help or advice anyone needs. We monitor who fishes the lakes and, as we have everyone’s registration details, anyone who causes any problems will be banned along with losing their registration fee. We ask all fishermen to treat the fishery with the respect it deserves.

To keep up with all the latest news and catches check out our Twitter feed (@BroomsCross)

For further information you can email ( us or call the Fishery Office 07740 082 025 (10am – 8pm).


Summer Prices (2nd March – 31st October)

Sunday–Thursday: £25 24hrs / £45 48hrs / £65 72hrs  Double Pegs – 2 & 3 / 4 & 5 / 10 & 11 – on Upper Alt – £50 24hrs / £90 48hrs /£130 72hrs – two anglers max, if a double peg is only occupied by one angler you can use up to 3 rods.

Friday–Saturday: £30 24hrs / £55 48hrs / £75 72hrs  Double Pegs – 2 & 3 / 4 & 5 / 10 & 11 – on Upper Alt – £60 24hrs / £110 48hrs /£150 72hrs – two anglers max, if a double peg is only occupied by one angler you can use up to 3 rods.

Limited sessions may be available at short notice, please call for late availability.

All sessions run from 6pm-6pm (24hrs). There will be no day-only tickets available during the summer months on Upper Alt.

Day-only sessions may be available on Lower Alt from Monday to Thursday – call for availability.

Season Ticket (1 Year) 13th March – 12th March – £400 (£430 non-registered anglers) – there are a maximum of 20 season tickets available per year – call for availability.

Please give us a call if you have any questions at all about our prices or how to register and book sessions.

Fishery Office 07740082025 (10am – 8pm)

Winter Prices (1st November – 1st March)

Day Sessions £10 / £15 24hrs / £30 48hrs

Double Pegs – 2 & 3 / 4 & 5 / 10 & 11 – on Upper Alt – £30 24hrs / £60 48hrs – 2 anglers max, if a double peg is only occupied by 1 angler you can use up to 3 rods.

Sessions have flexible start and finish times during winter.

Sessions may be available at short notice, please call for late availability.

Day-only sessions are available during the winter months on Upper Alt, as well as on Lower Alt – call for availability.

Whole Lake Bookings

Concessions are available for booking the whole lake (Upper or Lower Alt) – call for details.

Group Bookings

Discounts can be made for groups of 3+ anglers fishing at the same time – call for details.

Fishery Office 07740082025 (10am – 8pm)

Lower Alt Lake

Lower Alt is a custom designed and built carp lake featuring reeds, rushes, overhanging trees, bays, shelves, slopes, bars, sunken islands, deep holes, troughs, weed and silt beds. The pegs have been positioned so that everyone is fishing from one bank and once the fishery is mature, you won’t be able to see another angler from your peg. The pegs and paths have been finished in woodchip. The lake covers 1.8 acres and features 5 Pegs. Lower Alt is now home to 80 mirror and common carp – 2 x 30lb+, 9 x 25lb+, 17 x 20lb+, 29 x 15-20lb, 23 x 8-10lb. This can be challenging water at times, but the rewards are surely there and a few 20’s in one sitting (or a 30) are always a possibility. The lake record currently stands at 30lb 11oz (“Cut Tail”) along with “Muscles” at 30lb 11oz. Please note, all nets, cradles and slings for use on the lake, are provided by the fishery, to help keep the fish in optimum health and condition.

Upper Alt Lake

Upper Alt is the jewel in our crown and is also a custom designed and built specimen carp lake featuring gravel patches, silt patches, sand patches, rushes, reeds, lily beds, overhanging trees, deep holes, bars, plateaus and channels. Careful planting once fully established will ensure you can’t see another angler from your peg and your water space is clearly defined, giving you peace and tranquility whether the lake is busy or not. There are 12 pegs spread around this four-acre lake, with everyone fishing from the central island, meaning no one will be fishing on the opposite bank. If you are looking for your first 30lb+ carp look no further, Upper alt is home to a minimum of 8 x 30lb+ fish, with another 8 at 29lb+ on their last visit to the bank. The total stock is 70 fish – 8 x 30-36lb+, 20 x 25-29lb, 11 x 20-25lb, 30 x 12-20lb. This can be a challenging water at times, with the potential to throw up the session of a lifetime. The current lake record stands at 36lb (“Eclipse”), although we stocked the lake with 2 new fish in December 2014 (at 33lb, 34lb 14oz) that are yet to grace the bank, and with the vast number of upper 20’s coming through, the future of Upper Alt is looking very promising. Please note that all nets, cradles and slings to be used on the lake, are provided by the fishery, to help keep the fish in optimum health and condition.

Lakes & Peg Positions
Lower Alt Lake
Peg Positions - Lower Alt
Upper Alt Lake
Peg Positions - Upper Alt
Specimen Carp Fishing Rules


All anglers must report to the main office in the car park when they arrive.

Strictly no visitors or spectators, except by prior arrangement with the fishery manager.

The main gate will be locked at 8pm promptly.

Any takeaway food deliveries etc must be completed before the main gate is locked at 8pm. All deliveries must report to the office in the car park. No meeting at the main gate. Abuse of this rule will result in an instant ban from the fishery.

Pegs must be kept clean and tidy at all times. All rubbish must be taken from the fishery by the angler – there are no bin facilities at the fishery.


Maximum of 2 rods can be used.

No fixed rigs, safety rigs only, these must lose the lead or the hook-link if snagged etc. If you are unsure then ask a member of staff BEFORE casting into the lakes.

Micro barbed hooks only.

No bent hooks.

No 360 rigs.

No braided mainline.

No surface fishing – as the fishery is 1 mile from the coast, it can be visited by an array of wild birds with vast home ranges. These present a potential threat, as they are known transmitters of pathogens and parasites. If there are a lot of floating baits present, the amount of birds visiting the site will increase – the exact opposite of what we are trying to achieve.

No float fishing.

Minimum mainline of 0.35mm or 15lb. if you are unsure if your line is suitable ask a member of staff BEFORE casting into the lakes.

Bait boats are allowed, but if they can’t be used sensibly their use will be banned.

Fish Welfare

All fish must be returned to the lakes as soon as possible. Any mortality must be immediately reported to the bailiff and the fish left in the water.

All snagged fish must be reported immediately to a member of staff. Phone 07740082025 and one of the 24hr bailiffs will come to assist you.

No rowing boats allowed without the permission of a bailiff, they are only to be used for any snagged fish.

Only the landing nets, cradles and slings provided by Brooms Cross Fishery are permitted.

Please leave the carp in the net in the water for 5 minutes after capture, before unhooking, weighing and photographing, to allow yourself and the carp to recover from the battle.

Please make sure any retained fish is in deeper water and not near weed.

No sacks.

All fish to be kept wet, using the buckets provided, whilst being weighed and photographed.

Orabase /Carp Care / Clinic / Bonjela treatments must be applied to hook holes and any body damage on carp.

Double pegs have been positioned so that 2 anglers can fish adjoining swims together. You can be on the next peg of a double peg only. No unattended rods on any single peg.


No maggots – there is little nutritional value available to carp from eating maggots and we would like to encourage the use of baits that aid growth and offer a nutritionally beneficial diet.

No nuts of any description.

Shop bought or Brooms Cross particle only.

All baits and ground bait must be used in moderation only.

Meat products are not allowed.

Fishwell Leisure Ltd reserves the right to change the rules and conditions at any point if deemed necessary.

Disabled Angling

On completion of on-going building work, all pegs will be accessible to wheelchairs and the fishery will be working towards accreditation from the BDDA.

Lakes & Peg Positions

A selection of top quality boilies, pellet and particle are on sale. See baits page for full details.

Facilities / Food / Café

More information coming soon.